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Cyclonus and Tailgate by Lovelessdeception
Cyclonus and Tailgate
A day of boredom and out comes this. It's not complete by any means. I need to go back in and color the two bots their respective colors still. I was so proud of this because this is the first drawing that my Cyclonus looks good and the second attempt at Tailgate. Don't wanna see my first attempt I kept that monster on tumblr for a reason. I was so loving this piece that I was about to cry when I started painting it and a big blue paint glob dripped down to Cyclonus' wing. I was like "FUUUUUUUU-" RAGE

But thankfully a few coats of white paint will fix it right up Relieved at least I think it is.

The things I decide to just slap onto a drawing page and it actually looks good. I have attempted Cyclonus so many times and they all looked horrifying and this one time I was like Britney Spears Shocked  "The art gods are shinning upon me!"
Jokes are no more part 5

It has been a week since the new pokemon from the region of Kalos have arrived. Most of the pokemon have already found a group of friends to associate themselves with and went about their way. All except for one. Solice sighed as she watched the dark type pokemon named Ala quietly staring at his master as she chattered away about the new region. Her large fluffy ears perked up when she heard someone approaching her from behind, turning around she saw Chompy a Flygon with a Hydragion named Bitey.

"I don't understand why you just don't go up to him. We know Ala, he doesn't bite", Chompy said disappointed that her friend was watching a pokemon she admired from the window. "I bet you anything if you just talk to him that you will realize that you two have alot in common."

Solice looked down to the ground and held her unlit stick close to her. She couldn't work up the courage to talk to the dark type legendary seeing how not alot of the others seem to be fond of him, some even appear to be terrified of him. "B-but...what if he doesn't like me?", she muttered quietly.

Chompy humphed as she stared at her gloomy friend before waving her off. "I doubt it, besides have you never noticed that when you aint looking at him, he's looking at you?", Chompy said pointing to Ala who was casting a side glance to the trio at the window. He noticed that Chompy had pointed him out and turned his attention back to his master who was still babbling on, unaware of the strange behavior going on. Solice glanced behind her and back to her friend. "I just hope that this isn't in vein", she said as she decided that it was time to stop stalking and actually go up and talk to the Darkrai.

Nicole, their master was laughing away as Solice entered the house. Cautiously she walked over to where the dark type was sitting and took the seat beside him. She felt the Darkrai tensing and coughing slightly. Nicole stopped her chatter to glance at Ala before resuming where she had left off in her conversation. Solice was extremely nervous and was about to say hello to Ala just as he stood up from his seat and floated away, leaving the two to sit in silence.

"I told ya he likes you", Chompy said as Solice walked out in defeat. "Now, now girl, he's just shy you gotta get in there and open him up to you. Staying here and stalking him from dawn till dusk isn't gonna do you any justice." Solice watched as Ala exited the house and looked around before floating over to a tree where a Ninetails laid as if it was sleeping.

"You don't think that those two are together?", Solice asked as she got a snort from Bitey. "Those two, please be real Solice, that Ninetails may look all cute and cuddly but it aint a female I can tell ya that right now", he retorted causing Solice to blush slightly in embarrassment.

"This is your chance Solice, go over there and talk to him", Chompy said trying to nudge her in the right direction. Solice sighed as she pushed her friend away and started to walk over to where he was sitting when she was unexpectedly tackled by an unknown pokemon. Glancing at her attacker she froze slightly seeing it was Joker. Ever since the new pokemon have come to the home he's become alot more ill tempered. Getting up and brushing herself off, Solice tried to walk away, hoping she would be a safe enough distance so Joker wouldn't assume it was her he ran into.

Huffing, Joker got to his feet and glanced around quickly before setting eyes on the Delphox. Snickering, he walked up to her and put an arm around her. "Well hey there. Did I bump into you beautiful?", he asked trying to be flirtatious. Solice coughed slightly and smiled trying to play it off cool. "Um, yes I wasn't watching where I was going, I am terribly sorry for running into you", she said. Joker simply took in a deep breath and cackled.

"I can see that. So what's a pretty pokemon like you doing out here spying on the old Darkrai?", he asked. Solice flinched slightly at the fact that Joker knew that she was watching Ala. "How do you know that was what I was doing?", she asked back. Joker humphed before laughing.

"Well, lemme give you a secret dear. Everyone here knows that you got the hots for him, honestly I wouldn't want nothing to do with a pokemon as old as he is. He probably doesn't know anything about love. He probably doesn't even care about know since you're a physic type. Don't get me wrong, you're beautiful, but a legendary dark type probably thinks you're disgusting", Joker said before Chompy head butted him out of the way.

"Mind your own business fur ball", she hissed at Joker who hissed back before retreating. Chompy sighed as she looked at Solice who was sadly looking at Ala who looked like he was sleeping under the tree as well. "What if Joker is right", she muttered to herself. Solice was slightly saddened by Joker's words, however Chompy kept telling her that she'd never know unless she tried. Steeling herself up, Solice resumed her walk over to the tree and sat down next to the slumbering duo.

She simply watched Ala quietly as his eyes remained closed with the steady right and fall of his chest. Coughing slightly she reached over to gently shake his shoulder. Groaning Ala softly opened his eyes and turned his head, slightly surprised to see the Delphox so close to him. "Um...hi", she said with a smiled.

"H-hello", Ala replied as he shifted uneasily. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh...I just wanted to talk to you, you're the only pokemon that I haven't talked to. Well besides Joker, actually no I talked to him before I got here", she said slightly trailing off when she saw Ala not looking at her. " understand you're busy know...never mind, I am sorry I wasted your time." Getting up she started to walk away when she realized that the Darkrai was up as well.

"I am not busy...I just....was distracted is all", Ala said as he floated away, leaving a confused Solice to wonder what could have distracted the dark type legendary from her simple conversation.
Jokes are no more part 5
Worked on the fanfic...I really was bored so I just decided to do this
Well...for starters I don't have a reason for me being suddenly inactive. I do have to say sorry for all of those who where roleplaying with me and I suddenly went silent for awhile.

Like I said I really don't have a reason for going silent, I just needed to get away from deviantart for awhile I was too into it and just really sucked up my life and I needed to just kick back and relax for awhile.

However I am back.... :iconfluttershyyayplz: hopefully I can post some fanart maybe maybe not all depends on my motivation to reach my paper and actually draw something like that I want to.
Dragon decal by Lovelessdeception
Dragon decal
Materials used: Ink pen (black and red) and soft pastels.


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Complex drawing
Kyogre the great sea king by Lovelessdeception
Clocks and Roses by Lovelessdeception
Where legends are born by Lovelessdeception
These are pricey but are very fun especially for me. Please provide references and pay before I start your commission.
Jinouga the thunder wolf by Lovelessdeception
These are quick spraypaint drawings of whatever you desire. These are a little pricey because it is a new concept for me and will obviously take time to do.

Please provide references and pay before I start.
Clockwork by Lovelessdeception
~Lets clean this mess up~ by Lovelessdeception
Gems Gems and Gems by Lovelessdeception
Colored drawings please provide referances and pay first before I begin your commission.
~Who am I~ Lineart by Lovelessdeception
Zack lineart by Lovelessdeception
Lineart (backgrounds not included in these sorry ^^;

It's not fair WIP by Lovelessdeception
Hi big bro WIP by Lovelessdeception
Kitty Vanca by Lovelessdeception
Simple sketches (colored are an additional 2 points) please provide references if you are planning to ask for Oc drawings I request that you provide the points first before I start your commission.

These commissions are actually only 5 points it won't let me do 5 points only 10


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